alternative to baby bathtub

Alternative to Baby Bathtub

For the mama looking for an alternative to baby bathtub to save on money or if you’re looking to save on space you are in luck. There are space saving, portable and cheaper options that are safe for bathing your baby whilst saving on some dollars till they are old enough to use the home bathtub.

These alternatives to baby bathtub include sink inserts, baby bathers, sponge mats, baby bath seats,bath supports and baby dam water barriers. We will look at the pros and cons of each so that you can decide which one will work best for your little one.

5 Alternatives to Baby Bathtub

Baby Bath Sink Inserts

Baby bath sink inserts are ideal for newborns till they are about 2.5months or so. They are so easy to use, taking away the stress and anxiety of giving a newborn a bath. In addition, they are compact and easy to pack for use while travelling.

There are a variety in the market. While shopping for one look out for materials that are mold and mildew resistant in addition to being comfortable and safe for the baby.

Our Recommendations

  • Puj Flyte: which is mold and mildew resistant, super compact, saves on water and has a suction cup to make storage easier.

  • Organic bamboo baby bath travel Kit this is a more soft and gentle flower sink insert with a soft top layer made from bamboo & cotton. Its  washer and dryer are safe and come with a bag for travel.

Sponge mats

Sponge mats are super economical of all alternatives as they cost less than $10. They are thick, secure and comfortable for baby baths. They are made from quick drying foam with support for the baby’s head and neck and back and a non-slip material.

You can use it for sink baths or in the tub. Some moms opt to sit in the tub together with their newborns and place the baby on the sponge with some washcloth on to keep them warm. Check out this HALLO soft infant sponge that is skid proof and odor free.


Baby Bathers

Another comfortable option is using an adjustable baby bather that you can use in the tub or the sink. It has a secure design for bathing a baby with a mesh newborn sling and a padded back for head support.

Best of all it folds flat for storage and has 3 recline positions for your choosing.You can check out this Summer Deluxe Baby Bather that is lightweight and easy to use. On top of being cheaper than the expensive baby bath tubs.

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Bath supports

If you are not a fan of the bulky bath tubs then bath supports are a good option to look into. This one by Angelcare baby bath support is ergonomically designed and has a mesh to let water through and dry up quickly.

It is lightweight, has a hook for easy storage and can be used in the tub from 0-6 months of age. In addition, you don’t have to worry about mold or mildew and cleaning it up is super easy.  Best of all it is super friendly.

Baby bath seats

Baby bath seats are an option if you have a super active little one who won’t just sit still in the tub. Or for baby’s yet to learn how to sit up well. You can also bathe your toddler with a little one at the same time to save on water and time.

Although most find it impractical as cleaning up the lower side of your baby will be a challenge. You can work around that if you find a baby bath seat convenient for your situation.

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Alternatives to baby bathtubs include bath sink inserts, sponge mats, baby bathers , bath supports and baby bath seats. Each comes with its own pros and cons which one has to consider before settling on one.

However, we highly recommend bath sink inserts and bath supports. They are convenient and easy to store. Best of all they are cheaper as compared to expensive baby bath tubs.

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