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What To Do If Baby Hates Snoo

If you are a parent-to-be, you must have heard about the magic of the SNOO. Unfortunately for your case, baby hates SNOO.  It is advertised as the smartest and safest baby bassinet, but it is very expensive, costing more than $1200. Many parents have reviewed the SNOO as the best thing that happened to them and the newborn. If you are hesitant about purchasing the SNOO because of the latter, you clicked the right post because we will discuss why the baby hates SNOO.

Some babies hate the SNOO because they hate its motion, they do not like being swaddled, hate the lying flat on the back sleeping position, are not well fed, or want the presence of their parents. 

While it is true that the SNOO baby bed comes with many fantastic features, it is important to understand that babies are individuals, and some of the features might not work well with them. 

For instance, the SNOO is designed to sooth the baby using rocking motions and sounds. However, your baby might not like this technique because they prefer sucking, jiggling, or white noise to calm down. 

What To Do if Baby Hates SNOO

The SNOO is held at very high standards, and new parents think that they will never experience baby sleeping issues by purchasing it. However, how your baby sleeps is not about the quality of the bassinet but your baby’s sleeping and soothing preferences.

Check out some of our tips on how to get your little one used to the SNOO.

Be patient

Newborns take 3 to 4 days to get used to the SNOO, while older babies, over six weeks, can take up to 7 days. Therefore, irrespective of the age you introduce the SNOO, be patient and give your baby time to adjust. Experts recommend using the SNOO for daytime naps and nights from day one for the best results.

Change swaddling techniques

If your baby hates the SNOO because they hate being swaddled, switch swaddling techniques until you find the one your baby likes. For example, you can try swaddling with one hand or leg out or put the hands up. Also, it is best to swaddle the baby when they are calm and ready to sleep.

Put the baby down

If you are introducing the SNOO to an older baby, it is most likely that the baby is already used to sleeping in your arms. In this case, you should give the baby time to adjust and wean them off your warmth.

In such a scenario, when it’s almost sleep time, put the baby in the SNOO sack and rock them to sleep. Transfer them to the SNOO and set it at the lowest motion. With consistency, it will take the baby around 5 days to get used to the SNOO.

Find the best motion and sound for the baby

Some babies find the level one motion slow and boring, while others cannot take the vigorous shake and noise from level 4. Therefore, try the different motions and sounds on the baby and note the level they are most comfortable with.

Build SNOO happy times and memories

If your little one cannot stay calm in the SNOO, try doing things that make them happy while in there. If your baby enjoys massage, make the SNOO their massage table. After a few massage sessions, the baby will associate the SNOO with happy moments, and they will end up liking it.

Try a raised sleeping position

Some babies hate laying on the back. Also, babies with acid reflux find this position very uncomfortable. If you figure out that this is the issue, purchase SNOO leg lifters or place tuna cans or textbooks under the SNOO legs below the baby’s head to raise it.

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Why Baby Hates SNOO

As mentioned above, babies are unique and with different sleeping preferences. While some will love the SNOO from the word go, others will fuss and be sleepless in it. Here are some reasons why your baby does not like sleeping in the SNOO:

Hate the motion and the sound of the SNOO

The SNOO is designed with 4 different levels of rocking motions and sounds. It instantly reacts to the movement and crying of the baby. For example, if the baby starts to cry, the SNOO adjusts from level 1 to 2. If the little one continues to cry, it makes different womb-like movements to sooth the baby back to sleep. 

If the baby does not calm down at level 2, it moves to levels 3 and 4, which are more intense. At these higher levels, some babies freak out because of the intense shaking and scream more.

Baby hates being swaddled

The SNOO comes with special sleepwear called the SNOO sack for the baby to sleep in. A SNOO sack is a swaddling sack, but unlike other regular swaddles, it has wings and it is fastened on the SNOO to protect the baby from rolling.

While the SNOO sack is supposed to offer maximum comfort and security for the baby, some babies do not like being swaddled, and therefore, they will not be comfortable in the SNOO. If your baby cries a lot or resists as you put them in the SNOO sack, they probably do not like the idea of being swaddled and hence the hate for the SNOO.

Baby hates lying flat

To fasten the SNOO sack on the SNOO, the baby should sleep lying on their back all night, and some babies hate this sleeping position. If you realize that your baby is trying to roll on the side or lifting the legs or immediately wakes up when you lay them flat, you might have to try another sleeping position.

The baby is not well fed

Sometimes the baby is not crying because they hate the SNOO but because they are hungry. Therefore even if you fed your baby an hour ago, they might be hungry, and another feeding session will solve the fussiness.

Improper dressing

Underdressing or overdressing the baby is a common mistake among first-time parents, and it makes the baby very uncomfortable. If your baby is too hot or too cold, there is no way they will sleep even in the most comfortable bassinet in the world. 

If your baby is sweating and breathing heavily, they might be overheating from excess clothes. On the other hand, if their cheeks and tummy are cold, they are cold. Unless you keep the baby warm enough, they will never stop crying.

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The baby wants the parent’s presence

There is nothing as good as a parent’s touch and cuddle for the baby. Therefore, sometimes all the baby wants is your presence to sleep. However, it is important to realize the best time to intervene and pick them up. 

FAQ ON Baby hates SNOO

Does SNOO work on fussy babies?

The SNOO is a smart bassinet that recognizes when the baby is crying or making uncomfortable movements and responds with rocking movements soothing and sounds. So, yes, it can sooth a fussy baby during the baby or in the middle of the night, get them back to sleep and even boost their sleep.

Is SNOO safe?

The SNOO is perfectly safe for babies, and no baby has ever been reported to die from its features. The SNOO motions up to the highest level are safe for the baby and even turn on their calming reflex faster.

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