best nipple for oatmeal cereal

Best Nipple for Oatmeal Cereal

If you are adding oatmeal cereal into the formula then you will need to get the best nipple for oatmeal cereal. Otherwise your baby will struggle to suck the thickened formula through the nipples.

The best nipple for oatmeal cereal is a Y cut nipple as these are specifically designed to let through thickened formula. However, you can also use a variable sized nipple or a fast flow nipple for 6 + months.

In this article we have covered the best nipple for oatmeal cereal for some of the most popular bottle brands.

Best Nipple for Oatmeal Cereal

Tommee Tippee Added Cereal Nipples



Finally the Tommee Tippee added cereal nipples which also feature a y cut nipple to allow thickened formula and oatmeal to flow through easily. 

Additionally it also has an anti colic valve system to release excess air hence prevent gassiness and colic.They are made from soft food grade silicone material and are shaped like natural breasts to allow easy latch.


  • Breast like shaped
  • Anti colic valve
  • Soft silicone material
  • Y cut nipples


  • May flow too fast for babies under 6 months

Philips Avent Variable Flow Nipple



The Philips avent variable flow nipples are wide shaped to mimic natural breasts and make latching easy. They have a variable flow and the hole is shaped as a slit which enables easy flow of thickened liquids.

However the variable flow nipples can be too fast for your baby if they are younger than 6 months. For babies under 6 months consider getting the medium flow nipples rather than the variable flow ones.


  • Wide necked mimic the breast
  • Soft silicone nipples
  • Different sizes available


  • Variable flow can be two fast for under 6 months babies

Dr Brown Original Nipple Y- Cut



The Dr Brown Y cut nipples are specifically designed for thickened milk, formula and cereal. The hole is Y shaped which enables easy flow of much thicker fluids without your baby struggling to suck.

They are made from soft silicone material which is safe for babies. And are designed to work specifically with the narrow shaped dr brown nipples.

It is recommended for your baby to be at least 9 months or older for the y cut nipples to be suitable as the flow can be fast for those below 9 months.


  • Elongated nipple for easy latch
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Soft silicone nipples 


  • Fit narrow dr brown shaped bottles only

Buying Guide for the Best Nipple for Oatmeal Cereal

When shopping for the best nipple for oatmeal cereal there are features you must look out for and things to consider to ensure the nipple works for your baby.

Nipple Size

A y cut nipple is most suitable for added cereal as they allow flow of thicker liquids in comparison to the regular sized nipples. However, your baby should at least be older than 3 months. This is because the flow may turn out too fast for them to control.


The material of the nipple should also be made from durable silicone and BPA free. As you will be cleaning then often you do not want a nipple that will fall apart just after a few washes.


Lastly , consider the brand of the bottles you are using. In most cases added cereal nipples are made to fit their specific brand bottles.

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The best nipple for oatmeal cereal is a y cut nipple as it gives more way for the flow of thick liquids. 

We highly recommend the tommee tippee added cereal nipples as they are designed to mimic the breast, are made from soft silicone material and have an anti colic vent system to reduce gassiness.

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