best sleep sack for tall babies

Best Sleep Sack for Tall Babies [2022]

Is your baby in the 90%+ percentile  and you are looking for the best sleep sack for tall babies? Then you are in the right place. We all know shopping for a tall baby is no easy task especially on online stores because the market is flooded with lots of them to choose from.

Not to worry though, we have done the hard part of researching and reviewing for you sleep sacks that will allow your tall little one plenty of legroom to kick their legs comfortably and also grow with them.

Other important features to look out for is the material of the sleep sack, the Tog and the zipper quality. We have reviewed sleep sacks for summer and those that can help your baby keep warm during winter. Read on to select one suitable for you.

Check Out Our Top 3 Picks

  1. Premium Muslin sleeping bag 18-36 months extra large
  2. Woolino Sleeping bag 2-24 months 
  3. Halo sleep sack 100% cotton extra large

Best Sleep Sack for Tall Babies

Premium Muslin Sleeping bag for  baby XL 18-36 months

If you are looking for the perfect  sleep sack for warmer nights for your tall toddler then highly consider this Premium muslin sleeping bag in size extra large.Its is a lightweight breathable sleep sack made from bamboo viscose and cotton fabric super soft on baby’s skin.

It is larger than the average 18-24 months sleep sacks. It’s an extra large size measuring 35.8”. It provides plenty of room at the bottom for babies to kick their legs and perfect room to grow.

It is easy to use and has a quality double zipper that can be undone both ways from top to down. We highly recommend this sleep sack for tall toddlers for use during warmer nights. It’s also available in beautiful colors and price friendly too.


  • Made of breathable fabric
  • Available in extra large size 35.8”
  • Quality double zipper


  • Suitable for warmer nights only

Woolino 4 Season Ultimate baby sleep bag 2 – 24 months

If your infant is a little taller than the average and is looking for a sleep sack they can use until they are two years old, then the Woolino 4 season sleep bag is what you should pick.

It is made from premium australian merino wool lining and an organic cotton outer layer. Which makes it perfect for use all year round as the material is self regulating. The materials are also high quality, natural and hypoallergenic.

It is easy to use with double shoulder snaps and a two way zipper that opens all the way up. Although it is high on the price side, you get great value for your money. The materials are of top notch quality and will last you years.


  • Made of merino wool
  • Perfect for all year round
  • Double shoulder snaps
  • Two way zipper


  • Its pricey

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Halo sleepsack 100% cotton extra large

If you are on a tight budget and are looking for a fairly priced sleepsack? Consider this Halo sleep sack that is great for 35”-40” long for 18 -24 month olds. It is made from fleece and perfect for summer or spring time. 

The size is perfect for escape artists too who like climbing out of the crib. It has plenty of room for them to grow into. It is easy to use with an inverted zipper that opens top to bottom.

Highly consider this sleep sack for warmer nights. It has plenty of room to grow for a tall baby, is easy to maintain and is available at such a fair price. It comes in about 16 colors and designs for your choosing too more than enough to choose from.


  • Perfect for summer and spring time
  • Inverted zipper
  • Fairly priced


  • Not as warm

Woolino Toddler Sleeping bag 2-4 years

You must be surprised that the Woolino sleeping bag makes a second appearance on this list. Especially because who would actually spend $100 on a sleeping bag right? Seems ridiculous but let’s break down the cost as it is a sleeping bag you can use for 365 days in a year.

It gives plenty room for your toddler to grow and if your kids are spaced a year or two between each other. These woolino sleep bags will be perfect hand me downs for siblings.

Highly consider the woolino sleeping bag for your toddler who is in the 90% height. It can be used all year round as it is self regulating material. It will be worth every single penny you spend on it.No more worrying if your baby is warm enough as it also comes with a guide on how to dress your baby.


  • Self regulating
  • Quality materials
  • Can be used upto 4 years


  • Expensive

How To Choose the Best Sleep Sack for Tall Babies

There are certain features to look out for when shopping for a sleep sack for your tall baby that will give you value for money and also keep your baby warm.

The material is very important. Avoid sleep sacks made from synthetic materials such as polyester. Instead go for sleep sacks made from cotton, wool or muslin which are breathable.

TOG rating. You must consider the thermal rating of the sleep sack to determine how warm or cool it will be. You should check the manufacturer guidelines and consider your local climate.

The design of the sleep sack is important. There are different types of sleep sacks in the market. Whether you want a weighted or sleeveless sleep sack. For a tall baby consider a sleeveless and one with shoulder snaps so you can adjust as the baby gets taller.

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The best sleep sack for tall babies should be able to provide enough legroom for your little one for them to grow. When shopping around for one consider extra large sizes and look out for brands that make larger than regular sizes like this premium muslin sleeping bag.

For a sleeping bag that your little one can use all seasons of the year .Get the woolino sleeping bag made from self regulating premium merino wool. For a sleeping bag for warmer nights get this premium muslin sleeping bag that is lightweight and breathable.

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