how many nursing tanks do i need

How Many Nursing Tanks Do I need?

If you are shopping for postpartum and are wondering how many nursing tanks do I need?

You are going to need about 3 nursing tanks or more depending on the number of times you do laundry in a week.And what’s more you will be living on those for a while especially the first few months.

In addition, you have to consider that when breastfeeding leaks can occur, the baby spits up and that could call for a change of clothes. That means you should have more than to rotate and last you through your breastfeeding journey.

Importantly, just get a few for a start so you can be sure they will work for you. For mamas with large breasts , you may need to add a nursing bra underneath to provide extra support or nursing tanks without a shelf bras would be best.

You can choose to have a variety for your daily wear to go with shorts or jeans and to layer underneath a cardigan when going out.In this article we will discuss why nursing tanks are necessary and what to look for when shopping for nursing tanks.

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How To Decide How Many Nursing Bras You Need

Nursing Bra vs Nursing Tank

Nursing bras are specifically designed to provide quick and easy access for mamas to nurse their little ones. They have clips on and adjustable straps to get a snug fit. Whereas nursing tanks are more like a top with an incorporated shelf bra to provide coverage on the back and midsection for modesty as you breastfed.

Both nursing bras and nursing tanks are important for breastfeeding mamas. We advise having a few pieces of each. For nursing tanks they are great for lounging at home with your joggers and can be worn to bed too.They can also be worn underneath as a layering top for going out for shopping.

As for nursing bras they will provide much needed comfort and support to accommodate postpartum belly and breast changes They can provide extra support for mamas who have large breasts on top of nursing tanks.


It is important to get the correct size because if you get the wrong size you will be uncomfortable and fail to get proper support. What’s more, one can easily get breast engorgement if it’s too tight.


Make sure the material of the nursing tanks is stretchy and also breathable. So that it can accommodate the weight and shape changes during postpartum. You can also go for nursing tanks without shelf bras that are light if you wouldn’t like a tight fitting one then wear your nursing bra underneath.

Are Nursing Tanks Necessary?

Nursing tanks are necessary for a breastfeeding mama especially because of all the changes that will come once breast milk comes along. Your breast size will increase and your regular bra won’t fit. 

What’s more maternity or postpartum clothes can be expensive.It’s good to know nursing tanks are fairly inexpensive and can be layered underneath with your regular clothes for support.


Nursing tanks are made of stretchy material that is also breathable to accommodate the breast size changes well. In addition, wearing a nursing tank is better than wearing a nursing bra and a top. 

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Nursing tanks provide much needed support that a mama needs. Because they have a shelf bra and adjustable straps for you to get the best fit especially because your breast size will be changing. 

Best of all, they support nursing pads super well to catch all leaks. You can wear them comfortably at night to bed to avoid flooding your bed sheet with leaks. 


Nursing tanks are also super modest and allow easy access to the boob for breastfeeding. You just need to unhook the strap which is easy to do. You will have your awesome postpartum belly and only need to throw your nursing cover and your good.

Trust you mamas, once you start breastfeeding you will only be shopping for clothes that will allow you quick and easy access to nurse your baby. And nursing tanks are going to be one of those must have items in your wardrobe.

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If you are asking yourself how many nursing tanks do I need? You do not have to worry any longer because you can start with 3 nursing tanks and see if they work for you depending on the amount of times you do laundry in a week. You can add more with time factoring in baby spit ups and leaks in between feeds.

Most importantly when shopping make sure you get the correct size so that the support and comfort are covered. You wouldn’t want to feel suffocated or tighten up while going about your day.

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