love to dream swaddle bad for arms

Is the Love to Dream Swaddle Bad for Arms?

Is the love to dream swaddle bad for arms ? Or will its wing design restrict my baby’s arms movement and impede their motor development? As a parent these are valid questions but it reassuring to know that your baby’s arms are safe and not restricted in the Love to Dream Swaddle. 

This is precisely because of the wing design, which favors sleeping in an ‘arms-up’ position.A position which is snug for the baby that mimics what they were used to in the womb.

Nonetheless,you should make sure to get the right swaddle size for your little one to ensure they are comfortable and safe. In this article we will discuss the love to dream swaddle in depth in terms to its design, the recommended age for use and correct sizing guide to ensure it is safe for your baby.

Is the Love to Dream Swaddle Bad for Arms?


The Love to Dream swaddle has a  wing design that allows the child to sleep with their arms in the recommended upward position for a newborn. This helps to prevent stretching the baby’s arms before they are ready. 

The little wings is spacious enough to allow the baby to comfortably shift and move their arms in the swaddle eliminating the fear of restricting the arms that may impede motor development. 

In addition, the wing design also ensures that your baby’s arms are completely covered. You may not need to use mittens or worry about your child’s arms getting cold like in the traditional swaddles where babies uncover themselves. 

More importantly, the Love to Dream Swaddle UP design meets the recommended standards by Infants and Nursery Products of Australia (INPAA).

It has well-fitted and snug wings made from a breathable material, a recommended standard for a baby’s sleeping garments. This prevents the trapping of the baby’s body heat, keeping the baby’s arms comfortable and able to move freely. 


The Love to Dream Swaddle UP is also safe for arms, provided you select the right size for your baby. Some parents may notice poor fitting of the swaddle around the neck. 

You may also notice minimal freedom of the arms when the child is in the swaddle. This points to a swaddle smaller than the baby’s size, which is bad for the baby’s arms. 

Therefore what should you do about the size to ensure the arms are safe? The Love to Dream website provides an accurate sizing guide, ensuring you have an easy time determining the appropriate size for your baby. 

It is always advisable to purchase and use a swaddle on your baby, depending on their weight and not their age. You should also ensure that you don’t move to the next size of the Love to Dream Swaddle before the baby meets the minimum weight to avoid a neckline and wings that are not snug. 

Recommended safe age for use

Talking about age, when is the best age to commence usage of this swaddle? You can use the Love to Dream Swaddle with arms from when the baby is born, provided they weigh 2.2kgs (4.8lbs) and above.

However, immediately the baby starts showing signs of rolling, which can happen anywhere between 2-3 months, they need to be off the Love to Dream Swaddle UP and transition to a swaddle without wings.

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Any reported incidents 

While infant deaths and injuries are reported from using wearable blankets, no reported incidents about the love to dream swaddle. 

However, Love to Dream issued a recall in 2019 to three versions of the Love to Dream Sleep Suit since they did not meet the flammability standards for children’s sleepwear under Canadian law. The company had not received any complaints or safety incident reports at the recall time. 

Alternative Transitional Swaddles

Zipadee zip swaddle

The zipadee zip is another transitional swaddle sack worth mentioning that will give more arm movement for your baby. It has a star design and gives more room compared to the love to dream swaddle hence it does not limit the baby’s arm and leg motion, again enhancing the baby’s comfort

It is also a cozy transitional swaddle that covers both the arms and the feet of the baby. It ensures that the baby enjoys a womb-like experience to ensure a comfortable sleep.

More importantly, unlike the love to dream swaddle it is safe for use even after your baby starts to roll.It allows the baby to roll over, push up, and wiggle safely, meaning that you do not have to worry about rolling over age as you would with the Love to Dream swaddle. 

Baby merlin magic sleepsuit

The Baby merlin magic sleepsuit is another amazing swaddle transition that your little one can use before they start rolling over. It is a warm, cozy and calm sleep suit which allows freedom for your baby’s feet and hands.

Which is better between zipadee zip vs baby merlin magic sleepsuit?


Questioning whether the love to dream swaddle is bad for arms?Well the wing design of this swaddle is particularly safe for baby’s arms if they are a few weeks old (less than two months). 

The babies can sleep in the arms up position which is similar to what they were used to in the womb.Nonetheless, to ensure that the Swaddle does not become a safety concern for the baby, ensure you are very observant.

As soon as your baby starts showing signs of rolling, it’s time to get rid of the swaddle with the wings. This is because the baby is now showing readiness to stretch their arms in other positions allowing for motor development. 

FAQs on Love to Dream Swaddle Bad for Arms

When should I take arms out of love to dream?

You should take arms out of love to dream immediately the baby shows any signs of rolling. This usually occurs between 2-3 months in full-term babies. It prevents the babies from rolling over on their stomachs and being unable to return to their positions which may lead to suffocation.

Can baby wear love to dream when rolling?

Yes, your baby can wear the transition love to dream bag when rolling but without the wings/arms. The baby should be arms-free at this stage in their life and not restricted to avoid suffocation risk.

Can you breastfeed in love to dream swaddle?

Yes, you can breastfeed in the Love to Dream Swaddle, but it is uncomfortable. You will have to take off the baby’s arms to increase the baby’s level of comfort when breastfeeding in this swaddle.

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