nursing tank tops without built in bra

Best Nursing Tank Tops Without Built In Bra

Nursing tank tops without built in bra are not easy to find on these online streets. You can quickly go into a rabbit hole searching for one. Because most available have a shelf bra which does not work for all moms. Especially moms with large breasts as they don’t provide enough support.

Lucky enough we found cute, comfortable and modest nursing tank tops without built in bra. They can be worn both at home and while outdoors with your little one. 

When shopping for tank tops consider a comfortable stretchy material like cotton, a feature for easy access for breastfeeding, comfortable and one easy to maintain. Read on to select one or three for you.

Check Out Our Top 3 Picks

  1. Bearsland Women’s Nursing Tank Top Sleeveless
  2. Smallshow women sleeveless nursing tank top
  3. SUIEK Maternity Nursing tank top

Best Nursing Tank Tops Without Built In Bra

Bearsland Women’s Nursing Tank Top Sleeveless

If you are looking for a cute, stylish and comfortable nursing tank top without a shelf bra to go with your jeans or leggings , Bearsland women’s nursing tank tops are a great choice. They are made from super stretchy and soft rayon and spandex material to accommodate your postpartum body.

The design is just perfect and discreet with double front layers and  raffles which hang down when you lift the front layer to nurse in public, no clipping and unclipping. And has an adjustable strap to get a snug fit too.

It is available in over 20 cute patterns and floral designs for your choosing. You can hand wash or machine wash under a gentle cycle and dry under a shade. We highly recommend this nursing tank top as it is stylish and provides easy access to nurse.


  • Super stretchy material
  • Double front layers
  • Available in 20 cute patters
  • Machine washable


  • Not available in plain colors

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Smallshow women sleeveless nursing tank top

For mamas who prefer sleeveless nursing tank tops to ones with straps we highly recommend these Smallshow sleeveless nursing tank tops made from cotton and spandex. It’s made from a breathable and comfortable material.

It will go well as a casual nursing shirt for the summer to go with your shorts or mom jeans for a cool laid back look. It has a double front layer which makes breastfeeding discreet. And the round neck is not unreasonably low cut but covers enough .public.

This nursing tank top will work well for mamas who do not like fancy patterns but prefer plain laid back tops. they come in a pack of 3 and you can select from the over 9 available.


  • Cotton and spandex material
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Great for pairing with jeans


  • Not available in fancy patterns

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SUIEK Maternity Nursing tank top

If you’re looking for a nursing tank top that doesn’t scream nursing with double layers on the front side. Then the SUIEK Nursing tank tops are for you. It’s also sleeveless which makes it pair well with cardigans, shawls and nursing covers. And are made with a soft and comfortable material easy to wear.

You pull the top layer over to nurse or simply pull back the slit on the side. No double layers to pull which sometimes reveal part of your skin in public. It comes with a label for case instructions too. 

You should hand wash but you can get away with machine washing these. Made from a highly elastic material it is perfect for use during pregnancy and postpartum too. They are available in gorgeous cool colors and all sizes for your choosing.


  • Sleeveless
  • Soft comfortable material
  • Double later


  • Must hand wash

PARINIXS summer nursing tank top

Unlike all the tops on this list, this PARINIXS nursing tank top has a formal design to it and can easily be worn to the office as a formal top under a cardigan. It has flattering front layers which are perfect for hiding any baby weight which you have not yet gotten rid of.

It is recommended you size up when shopping to avoid it being too clingy to your skin. Highly consider this top if you’re looking for a nursing tank top to wear outside the home that’s not too flowy or fitting. 

It’s made from a very light fabric and is also easy to wash and dry. Some say it can get blown when it is a little windy exposing you so consider that too. Nonetheless, it’s a small trade off for a flattering look.


  • Formal design
  • Double layered
  • Soft fabric


  • Light fabric can get blown by the wind

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Final Thoughts on Nursing Tank Tops Without Built In Bra

Nursing tank tops without built in bra are especially great if you prefer wearing your own bra rather than the support the shelf bras provide. We have reviewed for you both sleeveless and strap tank tops that are comfortable and easy to nurse with.

Highly consider the Bearsland nursing tank tops which are not only nice and cute to pair with jeans or shorts. It’s super comfortable and modest for nursing both indoors and outdoors.

For those who prefer sleeveless tops to go with a cardigan or jacket consider the Smallshow Womens Sleeveless tank top. It is super comfortable and breathable made from cotton with an easy access to your boob for breastfeeding.

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