traveling with uppababy vista

Can You Travel with Uppababy Vista

If you are traveling for the first time with your baby you definitely can travel with UPPAbaby vista. The stroller comes with a bassinet and a toddler seat, making it among the best traveling strollers out there. We understand that the Uppababy Vista stroller is costly, but parents who have used it for home and travel purposes agree that it is a worthwhile investment.

Can you take UPPAbaby Vista on a plane?

Yes, you can travel with Uppababy Vista on a plane. Uppababy recommends that you join their Travelsafe program by purchasing a travel bag for the stroller and car seat. With the travel bags, any damage on the stroller during the flight will be covered by Uppababy.

How does the Uppababy Vista stroller go through security?

Strollers, car seats and booster seats, among other baby gear, must be screened at the security check by X-ray. Remember to remove anything in the pockets or storage baskets before the screening.

Pros of travelling with Uppababy vista

When traveling with your baby either by air or road, the Uppababy Vista stroller is a must carry. Here are the advantages of traveling with the Uppababy Vista stroller:

Easy to use

The Uppababy Vista stroller is easy to use because it comes assembled, is easy to fold, and is lightweight. When folded, it fits in most car trunks, and you can lift it and bring it down on your own because it is very light. Setting up the stroller frame is very easy by pushing a single lever. 

Once the frame is up, you can easily attach the bassinet, toddler seat, or car seat. The seats or bassinet fits in perfectly with a click. What’s more, the stroller is easy to fold by the press of a button on the seat and stroller.

The Vista stroller is also very easy to push around and features an adjustable handle for height adjustment.

It is gorgeous

The functionality of a stroller is the most important consideration, but its aesthetic matters to most parents. The Uppababy Vista stroller is very beautiful, and some parents dare say that you will never find a prettier stroller. 

The stroller and bassinet come with brown leather handles, making them highly gorgeous. Note that some colors do not come with brown leather on the handles, but you can purchase them separately to not miss out on the beauty.

Converts into a double stroller

If your kids are born closer together, the Uppababy Vista is the best traveling stroller for you because it can be converted to fit two kids. It comes with a toddler seat attached on the top and holds up to 50 pounds, and Rumbleseat attached at the bottom which holds up to 35 pounds.

You can therefore use the Vista to carry your babies, but you must not use it for older twins because of the weight difference of the seats. 


The Vista stroller also comes with accessories that make time out with the baby easy. Some of the accessories that come in handy when on vacation include a cup holder, rain and sun shield, snack holder, and organizer. To enjoy trips with a baby, you must make them as comfortable as possible, and these accessories come in handy.

Compatible with the Uppababy car seat

If you are traveling by road, a car seat is a must-have. If you already have the Uppababy Vista, it is recommended that you purchase a car seat from the same brand because it is compatible with the stroller. The car seat is easy to put in and remove from the stroller or car dock. With a single seat for the car and stroller, your load will be reduced.

The stroller works as a bag cart

The Uppababy Vista stroller is large and comes with a lot of storage space. When traveling with a baby, there is a lot to carry around, and a large storage space comes in handy for the diaper bags, personal bags and any other luggage that can fit. With the Uppababy, you do not have to break your back carrying luggage around the airport.

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Serves as a jogging stroller

If you love exercising while on vacation, you can bring your whole family because the Uppababy Vista stroller is lightweight and easy to push around. The vista stroller is not designed as a jogging stroller, but it can serve the purpose if you lock the front wheels. You can convert it into a double, so there is nothing to worry about if you have a little one and a toddler.

Can serve as a high chair

The height of the Vista stroller makes it possible to use it as a high chair. This allows your toddler to be closer to the table than they would in a small-sized stroller. 

You can pack the stroller and the car seat in a travel bag

Uppababy sells travel bags for the stroller and car seat under their TravelSafe program. The travel bags protect the Vista gear from damage while traveling, and if anything gets damaged, Uppababy replaces them. The travel bags are expensive but serve as insurance for your stroller and car seat. Once you purchase the travel bags, register your gear with the company and ensure to use the bags when traveling for a replacement in case of damage.

Most parents do not like traveling with a stroller, and if they do, they prefer a small and lightweight design. While the concerns of traveling with a large stroller are valid, the benefits of traveling with the large Uppababy Vista stroller beats the disadvantages.

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Tips on Traveling with uppababy vista

Traveling with a baby is a challenge, and without the right preparation, you cannot enjoy the trip. If you are traveling with a baby for the first time, follow the tips below for a smooth and enjoyable trip:

Pack right

The first tip to enjoying yourself with a baby is to pack everything you need for yourself and the baby. Ensure to pack all baby essentials, including diapers, clothes, stroller, car seat, formula, toys, and anything your baby might need. The amount of luggage and suitcases you will pack depends on the number of days you are going away, but ensure to condense your luggage so that you are able to handle it on your own.


When booking your tickets, you must indicate that you will be traveling with a baby. Ask the airline if they have any requirements for the baby and make sure to avail them. 

Going through TSA

There is a lot of conflicting information on how to go through TSA with your baby. You can decide to check in your stroller and wear the baby in a wrap through the security check. Carrying your baby in a wrap keeps the baby safe and protected and frees your hands for easy navigation.

Rent gear to pack light

Did you know that you can lend baby gear at your destination to avoid carrying a lot of stuff? Some of the baby gear you can rent include the bassinet, a stroller, and pack plays. Ensure to rent these things with a reputable company.


You definitely can travel with the uppababy vista. You are advised to sign up to their travelsafe program where you purchase a travel bag. This way any damage while travelling will be covered.

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