uppababy snack tray alternative

Uppababy Snack Tray Alternative

Are you looking for an uppababy snack tray alternative? Perhaps you are not looking to spend $50 on yet another accessory for the uppababy or it’s currently out of stock we have got you.

The best uppababy snack tray alternative we highly recommend is the JL Childress food n’ fun snack tray. This is an universal snack tray designed to fit strollers with bumpers like the uppababy vista.

In this article we will discuss other snack tray alternatives you can consider and their features. That way you can choose one suitable for your needs.

Uppababy Snack Tray Alternative

JL Childress Food N’ Fun Snack Tray



The JL childress snack tray is designed to fit on the front of stroller bars. It has very sturdy Velcro that wraps around the bar keeping it steady. 

It has 3 deep insulated pockets to place drinks, an expandable mesh pocket and a no throw strap where you can place toys. Its heavy foam construction also keeps the tray in an upward position hence prevents sagging.

Best of all you can get this snack tray at a fraction of what the uppababy original tray goes for. Highly consider it if you are looking not to spend much but also get a compatible and easy to use snack tray for your uppababy.

Swanoo Universal Stroller Tray with Insulated Cup Holder



This universal stroller with an insulated cup holder is designed to fit strollers with either belly or bumper bars such as the uppababy vista and cruz. It is made from a washable fabric and adjustable, plus very easy to set up and remove too.

We recommend this simple universal snack tray for its compatibility with the uppababy stroller and is very easy to set up.

3 in 1 Snack Tray with Cup Holder



This 3 in 1 snack tray looks more similar to the uppababy snack tray in design of its compartments. It is lightweight and made from abs material similar to material used to make legos.

It has a tooth mark clip mouth design that keeps it sturdy and upright. It’s also very easy to install without need for tools.Consider this snack tray if you are looking for one that is not made from fabric.

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What To Consider When Looking for an Uppababy Snack Tray Alternative

The most suitable snack tray for the uppababy stroller is the original uppababy snack tray. However, there are cheaper and well fitting options available in the market. All you need to do is look out for the following features to consider.


The snack tray should be designed to fit strollers with bumper bars like the uppababy vista or cruz. Look out for one with the upper fabric to rest on top of the stroller bar.

Importantly, it should have at least 2 or 3 compartments where you can place a drink and snacks.

Go for a lightweight material too to avoid overloading your stroller.

Ease of Setting It Up

The snack tray should also be easy to set up. In addition, it should fit well and be stable to avoid spilling your snacks while on the move.

Avoid complicated designs that have the adjustable clamps to fit on the bumper bars as in most cases they aren’t stable rather they flip over.

Used Uppababy Snack Tray

Lastly you could consider a used snack tray. In most cases, opt to sell their baby gear on marketplaces once they are done having kids. Best of all they are well looked after used options as they are mostly used for a short period of time.

Some places to look out for a used option includes Ebay, Facebook marketplaces, Weepea and stork exchange.

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Our personal favorite uppababy snack tray alternative is the JL Childress Food N’ Fun universal snack tray.

It is well designed with a fabric that rests securely on the stroller bumper making it fit well. In addition, it is also price friendly and is super easy to set up.

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