uppababy travel bag alternative

Uppababy Vista Travel Bag Alternative

A stroller travel bag is an essential kit when traveling by air because it protects your stroller from damage and dirt. If you are using the Uppababy Vista stroller, they encourage you to purchase their travel bag under their TravelSafe Program.

By purchasing and registering your travel bag, the program guarantees to cover any damages to your stroller during the flight. While this is a fantastic deal, it comes at a great cost hence the question, can I get an Uppababy Vista travel bag alternative?

There are universal and cheap travel bags designed to fit different types of strollers. Therefore, you can purchase the universal alternatives if you cannot afford the travel bag under the Uppababy travelSafe Program. However, it is important to confirm that it will fit the Uppababy Vista stroller with the seller.

Uppababy Vista Travel Bag Alternative

If you are in the process of buying a stroller bag, here is a list of our top travel bags to choose from.

Angel baby stroller travel bag

Angel baby travel bag is a universal stroller travel bag that fits most umbrella strollers. It is made with quality materials and is very light. Here are the top features of the Angel baby travel bag.

Double strength polyester fabric

The Angel baby travel bag is durable because it is made with double-strength polyester fabric that does not rip, break or crack. In addition, the fabric is lightweight and waterproof to ensure that your stroller is protected throughout the journey.

Padded straps

The travel bag comes with padded straps to keep your shoulders comfortable as you carry it around. What’s more, it is red for easy identification. 

Heavy-duty zippers

The Uppababy stroller is large and heavy therefore requires a sturdy zipper. The Angel travel bag can securely carry the Vista stroller because its heavy-duty zippers will hold it in place. The tight fit gives you peace of mind knowing that your stroller is secure.

Keeps your stroller safe

The Angel baby travel bag protects the stroller from dirt or damage whether you are traveling by car or air. Most airlines allow you to carry a stroller per child, but pushing it around the airport exposes it to dirt and germs, easily transferring it to the baby. Therefore, if you cannot afford the Uppababy travel bag, the Angel baby is cheaper and will serve the same purpose.

Pros of Angel baby stroller travel bag

  • Made with high quality and durable material
  • Water-resistant fabric
  • Padded straps for comfort
  • Large-sized identification tag and red color for easy spotting
  • Fragile sign for easy handling to prevent damage
  • Universal fit
  • Affordable

Cons of Angel baby stroller travel bag

  • It does not come with Velcro straps

Emmzoe Wheelie padded stroller bag

Emmzoe Wheelie stroller bag is a universal travel bag designed for single foldable strollers. It is labeled at the front and has a space where you can write your names for easy identification. Here are its top features.

High-quality wheels

As the name suggests, the Emmzoe travel bag is wheeled, making easy for you to push it to the check area. The wheels are sturdy and roll smoothly and quietly. 

Easy to use

The Emmzoe travel bag is very easy to use. It only requires you to insert your folded stroller inside and zip it up. To move it from one point to the other, you can either pull it on the ground using the wheels or carry it as a backpack with padded straps.

Nylon fabric

The nylon fabric used to make the Emmzoe travel bag protects the stroller from water, dust, dirt, and germs. This ensures that your baby does not contract an infection from germs that attach themselves to the stroller in the airport or storage during the flight.

Pros of Emmzoe Wheelie padded stroller bag

  • Universal fit
  • Made with water and dirt resistant fabric
  • It has wheels for easy transfer
  • Features padded hand and shoulder straps to use when wheeling is not practical.
  • Has zipper holes for more security

Cons of Emmzoe Wheelie padded stroller bag

  • It does not have a pouch 
  • Black in color, making it hard to identify

COMPONO stroller travel bag

COMPONO is a high-quality universal stroller bag designed for single and umbrella strollers. Here are its main features:

Hybrid protection

The COMPONO stroller travel bag is made of polyester material and nylon for extra protection from dirt, dust, and water. The combination of materials cannot allow any water to pass through or tear within the first fall. 

Easy to carry

The travel bag is easy to carry around because it features padded hand and shoulder straps. It has a hand strap on both sides if you need help and a strap at the back for easy access and lifting. The shoulder straps can be adjusted, allowing you to carry them as a backpack.

Universal fit

The COMPONO stroller travel bag is huge. It measures 48 inches tall by 25 inches wide by 19 inches deep. This size is large enough to fit all single strollers on the market, and some tested double strollers, including the Uppababy Vista.

Pros of COMPONO stroller travel bag

  • Water, dirt, and dust resistant
  • Large ID tag for easy identification
  • Padded hand and shoulder straps
  • Bright red color, which is easy to spot
  • It fits even the largest single strollers

Cons of COMPONO stroller travel bag

  • It does not fit some double strollers

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Factors to Consider when Buying Uppababy Vista travel bag alternative

 A travel bag is not a necessity, but it comes with many advantages. It will protect your Vista stroller from dust, dirt, water, and damage. If you cannot afford the Uppababy travel bag, here are factors to consider when buying an alternative:


The first thing to consider is the size of the stroller. The Uppababy Vista is a large stroller; therefore, check if the brand you are about to pay for will fit. If you are unsure about the size, always consult with a salesperson.


The fabric used to make the travel bag will determine whether or not it will serve its purpose. Always go for travel bags made with waterproof and sturdy materials. What’s more, ensure to check the stitching and the quality of the zipper used.

Easy to carry around

The best travel bag stroller should be easy and comfortable to carry around. Therefore, invest in a stroller with wheels or/and adjustable padded straps. A bag with a storage pouch to protect it is also a plus.


The price differences of travel bags vary a lot. The price of is influenced by the brand, features, and quality. High price is always associated with quality, but do not fret because you can get a high-quality alternative with a budget lower than that of the Uppababy travel bag.

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When you are looking for a uppababy vista travel bag alternative that is fairly priced always consider the size while shopping. We have given awesome alternatives you can choose from, we bet you will get one suitable for you.

FAQ on Uppababy Vista travel bag alternative

Is a travel bag for a stroller worth it?

A stroller travel bag is not a must, but it is necessary when traveling with a toddler. It is not an airline requirement, but it protects your stroller from damage, dirt, dust, and water.

Are travel bags universal?

Some stroller travel bags are designed to fit specific stroller brands, while others are universal. For instance, the Uppababy travel bag is only designed to fit the Uppababy strollers. 

On the other hand, some brands like Angel baby manufacture universal stroller bags. Branded travel bags are mostly more expensive than universal ones.

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