What to use after merlin sleep suit

What to Use After Merlin Sleep Suit?

Your baby just began rolling so what to use after merlin sleep suit? You should transition to using a sleep sack for your baby. A sleep sack is a wearable blanket that is without sleeves that substitutes a blanket and is much safer for your baby in the crib.

They will not cover the baby’s face and your baby will not kick them off therefore won’t get cold in the middle of the night either. Sleep sacks are also warm and comfortable for your baby.

Best of all they are designed in a way that makes night time changes quick and easy. Importantly,sleep sacks come in different ratings or Thermal overall grades (TOG). They higher the rating the warmer it is and a low rating either 0.5/1 the lighter the sleep sack.

What Should I Transition After Merlin Sleepsuit?

A sleep sack is going to be the best option to use after baby transitions out of the merlin sleep suit. They are warm, comfortable and easy to use too.It can be overwhelming having to choose a sleep sack because the market is flooded with so many of them. 

We shall discuss what to look for when choosing a sleep sack and share some of our favorite brands.

What To Look for When Shopping for a Sleep Sack After Merlin


A sleep sack should not be loose fighting around the neck such that it can go over the baby’s face. Or loose around the arms such that the baby can slide into the sleep sack. 

Different sleep sack brands have their own size charts. You have to check based on the weight and height range.Once your baby outgrows the current size make sure you size up.

You can choose to get one that will give you value for longer so long as they are adjustable to get a proper fit. For example Woolino which have a sleep sack 2-24 months.

Material/ TOG

Sleep sacks come in different materials such as wool, polyester and bamboo. It’s important to settle on one that is durable and easy to maintain. 

In addition, look out for the TOG. If you are looking for a warm sleep sack for winter 2.5 TOG and a lighter one for summer about 1.0 TOG.

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What To Use After Merlin Sleep Suit

Mama Cheetah Organic cotton wearable blanket

This is a super soft organic cotton with a TOG of 0.5. Good thing is it’s warm enough for those cool nights and cool enough for warm nights. Which makes it great for everyday wear. You can layer with long or short onesies to keep them comfortable and not overheat or cold.

Best of all it has a two way zipper which is priceless because most brands lack that. It’s convenient when changing a diaper both for you and your baby. And the zipper is also covered so it avoids scratching or irritating your baby.

Not forgetting the adorable patterns and delicate colors both for girls and boys. The fittig around the collar and arms is also just right for the sizes. For the quality this is actually a steal for a pack of 2. It is available in medium 6-12 months ,large 12-18 months and extra large 18-24 months.

Nested Bean Zen Sack, gently weighted 

This is a gently weighted sleeping bag made of 100% cotton. It mimics the pressure a baby feels when held and helps in self soothing. It has a TOG of 0.5 making it perfect for all year round use. And works well for tummy, back and side sleepers.

The design is just perfect with a double zipper on the bottom side which opens all the way up. Great for making midnight changes. And has adjustable shoulder snaps to get a proper fit and grow with your baby.

They are available in different soft patterns and in size 0-24 months giving you great value for your money. We highly recommend the nested bean sleep sack for sleep regressed babies after transitioning out of the merlin sleep suit. The customer service is great and offers tips in case you face challenges.

KYTE BABY unisex bamboo rayon sleeping bag

For mamas who love all things silky smooth for their little ones, this bamboo sleep sack is one to look into. It is super long and roomie great for tall babies as they have more than enough room to grow and kick their legs.

The material is delicate and some customers have complained of it falling apart just after a few washes. The company responded quickly and sent a replacement. Which means they stand by their product.

Although it’s a little on the splurge side. Consider this kyte sleep sack for soft bamboo material. And super cool solid colors it is available in.

Woolino 4 Season Baby sleep bag sack

We saved the best for last, the woolino sleep sack which has been making buzz in the market. It is made of 100% Australian merino wool liner and 100% organic cotton cover. Merino wool regulates body temperature and it can be used all year round.

This sleep sack is totally worth every single penny you will spend on it. It can be used from 2 months -24 months. Has double shoulder snaps and two way zipper to make dressing and diaper changes easy. Best of all it has under arms snaps to allow it to grow with your baby at the same time getting a proper fit.

This sleep bag is of high quality materials and makes a great hand me down if you get it for your first baby. It is a great addition to your collection of sleep sacks that will outlast most.

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FAQs What To Use After Merlin Sleep Suit

Is Merlin Sleepsuit Safe for Rolling?

The merlin sleep suit is not safe for rolling and its advisable that as soon as your baby starts to roll you should transition out of it. They are looking for more freedom as they sleep and because the suit is heavy they could roll over and find it hard to roll back which is definitely not safe for babies.

When To Stop Using the Merlin

You should stop using the merlin sleep suit as soon as your baby starts to roll over. This is because the suit is not safe for them at this point as they can roll over. In that case you should use a sleep sack as it allows for more movement while keeping them warm.

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