why is dock a tot so expensive

Why is Dock A Tot So Expensive?

With a price tag of over $200 you wonder why is dock a tot so expensive?  As a new mama all you want is a safe and cozy space for your baby to lounge and its outrageous to learn for the dock a tot you will part with that much.

Naturally, you would like an explanation to justify the price and know that your getting value for your money.

The market is flooded with other baby loungers but what makes the dock a tot pricey? In this article we will give reasons why the dock  a tot is one of a kind. And also include other cheaper alternatives that you can get for your baby.

Its multifunctional

Multi-functional products are quite enticing, which fully describes a dock a tot and partially explains its high cost. The dock a tot can be used for co-sleeping, supervised napping, changing diapers and playtime for baby. 


All mamas dread purchasing products that could trigger baby’s allergies. Well, the Dock a Tot has gone through a range of safety tests and is made from high quality Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1 certified fabric. It is free from pthalates, heavy metals and flame-retardants making it breathable and hypoallergenic. 


What’s more? The Dock a Tot is special as it is portable and washable. You can move it from room to room or destination-to-destination, allowing baby to feel secure regardless of their location. The cover is also easy to clean and machine washable.

Great for tummy time

A product that makes tummy time fun is definitely special. The expensive Dock a Tot’s rounded sides helps prop baby up when placed under their arms making tummy time less torturous and more fun.

There are so many cheaper options in the market, why would I spend almost $200 for the Dock a Tot? Is it worth the money?

Genius Design 

Well, the dock a tot is totally worth every coin that you will spend. The Dock a Tot will re-invent the womb for baby making napping a little easier and longer-we all know how much we are counting on those extra napping hours! 

Comfortable and Cozy

Have you ever thought about how baby’s microclimate is affecting their sleep? Sometimes, baby’s immediate climate may harbor too much heat making napping time a dreadful experience. With the Dock a Tot, this worry becomes past tense as it is made from hypoallergenic materials that ensure baby sleeps at optimal temperatures. 

Baby’s Safety

Now, the top-most concern-is my baby safe in the Dock a Tot? What if my baby rolls over the raised edge and suffocates? We would hate to purchase an expensive dock a tot and remain paranoid about baby’s safety. 

However, we assure you that the dock a tot, if used according to the manual is safe. Babies typically start rolling from three months and if they can roll to the side on the dock a tot they can probably roll back. Therefore, there is no cause for alarm.

Long Term Use

If you are like me, you are also probably looking for a product that baby can use for a longer time. However, you may have some reservations that baby will outgrow this expensive dock a tot within no time. 

Worry no more, as the Dock a Tot comes with closed buckles, which you can adjust for up to 34 inches for the deluxe. After baby has outgrown the dock a tot, you can take the tube lining out and stretch it under the bedsheets, so it does not totally become useless.

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Budget Friendly Dock A Tot Alternatives

If you are still not convinced to spend all that amount on a dock a tot. There are other alternatives that are just as good and price friendly.

Snuggle Me Organic Baby Lounger

The snuggle me organic baby lounger lives up to its name giving baby that snug feeling. The lounging pad hugs baby’s full body providing that womb-like security baby needs to nap for longer hours.

Its lounging pad has a hammock like center such that the sides will slightly fold in when you lay baby in it. This prevents rolling guaranteeing baby’s safety. 

Unfortunately, it does not come with a cover although the entire lounger is machine washable. If you find the regular machine-washing of the entire lounger cumbersome, then you can purchase covers separately as there are lots available.

Due to its polyester fill, it can get too hot during warm weather adversely affecting baby’s micro climate and eventually sleep quality and length.

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Abreeze Baby Bassinet

The Abreeze baby bassinet is a multifunctional baby lounger, which might be the best newest addition in your home if you have a baby. It hugs the baby offering a womb-like feeling, which lengthens baby’s napping time. 

Don’t we all love loungers that come with a cover, are machine washable and hypoallergenic? Well, dear mamas, we have all this in the Abreeze baby bassinet reducing the worries we have about baby’s clean environment. It also comes with adjustable ribbons, which ensures you can adjust the size as baby grows. 

Bonus advantage? You can carry it anywhere as it is not bulky. Perhaps the only downside of this alternative to the expensive dock a tot is its quality as most customers complain of its flimsy nature.

Mamibaby Baby Nest

Are you looking for an adjustable baby lounger? Babies grow up too fast and you don’t want to be constantly shopping for a baby lounger-diapers are already too expensive. 

The Mamibaby baby nest is one of the best bets for this need. It comes with two sets of inner ribbons, which can be adjusted to sit wider and fit baby better.

It also comes with a removable and machine-washable cover, which ensures you keep baby’s environment clean all the time. With this lounger, you don’t have to worry about being cheated out of density as the padding has a higher density guaranteeing strong spinal support for baby.

However, the Mamibaby is weaker than other baby loungers which means you should handle it with extra care lest it gets torn. 

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So why is dock a tot so expensive? The Dock a Tot is expensive because of a number of reasons such as the high quality hypoallergenic materials, high safety guarantee and its genius womb like design justifies it’s expensive price tag on the Dock a Tot. 

Moreover, you could get one for your baby and resell once they have outgrown it in Facebook resell groups. That way you can recoup an amount from your initial investment.

Nonetheless, you do not have to spend all that if you are t convinced. There are other cheaper alternatives which we have shared and work just as good and are loved just as much.

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