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Zipadee Zip Covering Face? Here’s What To Do

Zipadee zip covering face is one of the terrifying experiences with the transitional swaddle. Although the fabric used is breathable and safe for your baby it still is a safety concern for most moms. If you got the sizing correct, the bunching up of excess fabric over their face means your little one has some room to grow in that size.

Some moms have found a way around to get a more snug fit. One is tying a knot on the bottom side where the feet go and untie as they grow. Others use a hair tie to gather down the excess fabric by the middle and bottom. Or you can use a baby swaddle strap to prevent the excess fabric from sliding over the baby’s face.

If you do not want to go through all that trouble you can choose for other swaddle transitional sacks which we will discuss below. For mamas who find it too dangerous you can stop using it until they can fit properly in it.

Are zipadee zip safe for sleep?

Is the zipadee safe for sleep given that the fabric flushes over the baby’s face even after ordering the correct size. As much as it’s normal for a long zipper to buckle up after washing. 

For the zipadee because the fabric used is light it bunches up and when the baby’s arms are up it covers their face and that remains a safety concern for a parent.

A little reassuring to know is that the zipadee zip is compliant with the consumer product safety commission (CPSC) regulations for baby sleepwear. And they have not had a single safety issue with any of their zipadee zip sacks. 

Moreover the fabrics used are breathable cotton, fleece or polyester.Meaning it less likely if the fabric covers baby’s face to cause them harm. Nonetheless, if you want to be a less worried mom you can opt for a transitional swaddle sack with sleeves that fit better

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How is the zipadee zip supposed to fit?i

With most moms struggling with the zipadee zip covering the baby’s face there could be an issue with their sizing. Because it is supposed to be snug fit and not too loose to provide needed swaddle transition comfort.

We have come to the conclusion that it is likely their sizing is a little off or incorrect. Because even after getting the correct size the fabric creeps up and covers the baby’s mouth and nose because of all the extra fabric.

How to stop the zipadee zip from covering face

Below are some of the ways you can make the zipadee zip more proper fitting for your little one.

  • Snuggle strap: which is a zipadee zip accessory that ties around on top of the zipadee zip to prevent excess fabric from bunching up.
  • Zipadee zip hair tie trick: alternatively you can use the hair tie trick which has worked for most moms. Tie it around the feet and adjust accordingly as they grow.

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Alternatives to the zipadee zip

If you are looking for an alternative for swaddle transition that fits better with no safety concerns you can go for any of these.

Amazing baby transitional swaddle sack

The amazing transitional swaddle sack is a great alternative to the zipadee zip especially for baby’s who love sleeping with their arms up. It has a unique arms up design with fold over mittens designs that can be worn open or closed giving the baby access to self soothe.

It is easy to use with a two way zipper for easy dressing and diaper changes. It is made using soft stretchy cotton and the fitting is great for a transitional swaddle sack with no excess fabric. And is fairly priced compared to the zipadee zip.

Love to dream swaddle up transition bag

The love to dream swaddle up transition bag is preferred to the zipadee zip because of the removable wings and is more proper fitting around the torso which makes it more similar to swaddling.

It is so easy to use with zippers attached to the wings for quick and easy removal.And the fabric is of nice quality and snug fitting no excess fabric which can be hazardous in the crib.

Once your baby starts to roll over the transition bag converts from a snuggly swaddle to a comfortable wearable blanket. You do so by letting them sleep with one arm removed one and after a few nights you take off the other.

Baby merlin magic sleepsuit

For a winter baby or mamas who live in colder climates we recommend the baby merlin magic sleepsuit. Best of all it has a scooped neckline to keep fabric away from baby’s face. It provides a cozy and calm environment for sleep.

It is designed with arms and feet out to regulate baby’s temperature and has double zippers for easy dressing and diaper changes. Once your baby begins rolling over you have to stop using the sleepsuit as it may be unsafe.

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The zipadee zip covering face is one horrid to say the least for any mom to experience.In most cases this happens when your baby’s arms are over their face. 

Although the fabric used is breathable it definitely is a safety concern.This issue occurs mostly because after washing the zipper bunches up and because the fabric is light it flushes over the baby’s face. 

You can choose to use hair ties on the feet side to get a more snug fitting and readjust as the baby grows. Or get a better transitional swaddle sack with a proper fit.

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