zipadee zip vs love to dream

Zipadee Zip vs Love To Dream

Zipadee Zip vs Love to dream? If you are asking this question, your baby probably hates traditional swaddling, and you are looking for the best alternative. You have also likely found both the Zipadee Zip and the Love to dream with good reviews online.

Which one should you get for your baby? Both Zipadee Zip and Love to dream have their pros and cons. We recommend carefully studying these pros and cons before coming to a conclusion.

Luckily, your search is over as this article clarifies all there is to know about these two products, offering comparisons based on their pros and cons and finally a recommendation.

Zipadee Zip Review 

The Zipadee Zip is warm and cozy. It features a unique star-fish design, fully enclosing your baby and allowing them freedom of movement. It is also made of breathable fabric, preventing your baby from overheating. 


  • Stretchy and comfortable design allowing longer length of time for use. The comfortable design allows baby to sleep in their most comfortable position- your babies legs can comfortably stay in the frog-like position.
  • Allows baby to sleep in the arms-up position-your baby gets to sleep in their favourite position, self-soothe and experience reduced startle reflex.
  • The star-fish design allows space for baby to move their arms and legs comfortably.
  • Comes in a variety of colours and patterns


  • It is more expensive compared to similar products

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Love to dream review

The Love to dream is a fantastic and easy to use a swaddle. Its design features a zipper, making changing your baby easy. The wing-like design allows babies to sleep with their arms up and facilitates self-soothing. 

If you are worried about the space your baby needs to move their arms in the air; worry no more. The Love to dream is spacious enough to allow your baby’s arms movements. This swaddle also comes in various colours and sizes- so you are free to select the best for your baby.


  • The Love to dream swaddle has space for arm and leg movement
  • Facilitates self-soothing for your baby and helps with startle reflex
  • Made from stretchy and breathable cotton fabric, preventing overheating and allowing room for your baby’s growth.
  • The design favours healthy hip growth


  • The price is a bit high compared to other similar products
  • The arms are not waterproof- babies suckle their hands through the fabric, which may get wet.

Comparison: Zipadee Zip Vs Love to dream 

Zipadee Zip vs Love to dream, how do they compare? At this point, we can all agree that the Zipadee Zip and the Love to dream are both great products.

Arms and legs freedom

Mamas often worry about babies moving their arms and legs freely in swaddling products and sleep sacks. So, you may be asking, which product will allow my baby such freedom?Luckily, both of these products designs provide enough space allowing your baby to freely move their legs and arms. They don’t have to feel as if they are trapped in the product.

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How about comfort? The Zipadee Zip and Love to dream are designed to maximize your baby’s comfort levels to facilitate better sleep. They are both soft and made from high-quality materials for that snug, warm and womb-like feeling.

Diaper changes

Diaper changes are also a walk in the park with the Zipadee Zip and the Love to dream. The designs feature zippers that allow for quick diaper changes.

If there is one thing that we can agree on, we all prefer products that can last us a little longer. After all, nobody doesn’t want to save that extra coin. So, Zipadee Zip vs Love to Dream, which will have a longer length of use?

Length of use

While the length of use for both products depends on your baby’s growth (the weight and height), the Zipadee Zip has a longer length of use. You can use the small size from three months to about eight months and after that use the big size for upto two years. Some lucky mamas even indicate that they used it for upto three years!

The Love to Dream has a shorter length of use. You will have to transition to bigger sizes as your baby grows until they can fit into the Love to Dream sleeping suit. Unfortunately, by this time, you may have bought plenty of Love to Dream products compared to the two you would have probably bought with the Zipadee Zip. 

Differences :Zipadee Zip Vs Love to dream

The first difference that mamas should note is that the Zipadee Zip is a swaddle transition sack, while the Love to dream is more of a swaddling product. 

Are both products appropriate for newborns? This question marks the other difference between the products.

The Zipadee Zip manufacturers recommend using the product for your baby once they reach the three-month mark. However, you can use the Love to dream products for your newborn baby and transition them as they get to the three-month mark. 

While most mamas appreciate the wings that allow the baby to sleep in arms up position, it may become a point of concern as your baby grows older. The Love to Dream has easy to zip off wings allowing you to take off the wings as your baby grows older and letting the baby’s hands run free. However, the Zipadee Zip’s arms are not removable. 

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Which is better zipadee zip vs love to dream?

If you are still torn between the two and can afford both, go right ahead and purchase both. However, if you have not budgeted for both, we recommend getting the Love to dream for your newborn and then transitioning them to the Zipadee Zip at three months. 

You are at an advantage if you search when your baby is already here and weighs more than 12lbs because you can get the Zipadee Zip alone. 

Back to our recommendation, the Love to dream will provide your newborn with all the comfort they need upto the three-month mark. Your baby will then get this same comfort level from the Zipadee Zip. Your baby will have more room to grow and a longer length of use owed to the Zipadee Zip’s spacious design.

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