best pajamas for chunky babies

Best Pajamas for Chunky Babies [2022]

Shopping for the best pajamas for chunky babies can be a hit or miss for most mamas. Because most brands make slim fit pajamas which are tight on the arms and are a struggle to fit through the baby’s head.

Lucky enough there are known brands that make super stretchy footed pajamas that are comfortable for chubby little ones.  Which also come in cute fun designs to spark some conversation during bedtime.

The most important features to look out for snug fitting material, consider a tagless one to avoid any irritation and the footie should be non-skid. Consider also a zipper one instead of a snap closure for ease of use.Read on to select your preferred style and design.

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  1. Leveret Kids footed pajamas
  2. TILLYOU sleep and play footed pajamas

Best Pajamas for Chunky Babies

Leveret Kids Footed Pajamas 100% Cotton

The Leveret kids’ pajamas have quickly grown in popularity , especially because they make pajamas which are super stretchy. The material is 100% cotton with tiny ribs in the material that make it stretch right back if it shrinks a little in the washer.

You will be genuinely thrilled by these pajamas as they come in cute patterns and designs for your choosing. And have ample room in the legs and feet to accommodate a chubbier baby as the cut is generous. They also have a smooth zipper and anti skid footie for babies learning to walk.

They are also true to size and are available upto size 5T for toddlers who still love footy pajamas. We highly recommend these for babies who do not like sleep sacks or struggle with keeping a blankie on at night. These are simply perfect for a chubby baby.


  • Super stretchy
  • Made of 100% cotton
  • Non skid footie


  • None we could find

TILLYOU Sleep and Play Footed Pajamas

TILLYOU sleep footed pajamas are another great option for chubby babies because they run big for regular sized babies. Which makes them perfect for heavier kids and come in a pack of 2 at a price which is a steal especially for the quality.

They are super soft and comfortable terry cotton that is super elastic for babies with sensitive skin. The seams are very soft, with a well secured snap and a zipper that won’t catch And the quality is also great with clean and net designs for your choosing. 

Do not hesitate to get these for your chunky little one. Especially if you wasted so much money buying pjs. They have more than enough room for them to wiggle around in their arms and feet.We cannot recommend them enough- they are available in four sizes.


  • Run big for regular size
  • Price friendly
  • Soft terry cotton material


  • Simply perfect

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Spalink Baby Boy 3 Pack Cotton Pull On Footed Pants

Footed pants that are soft and comfortable are also a great choice for chubby babies. This style is so hard to come by but is so convenient especially because regular pants ride up exposing babies skin. 

We strongly recommend these Spalink  footed pants which are not only cute but super affordable.They are great especially for mamas who are cloth diapering too. There will be no need for socks with these and if it gets a little chilly you can dress them in booties.

You can pair them with long sleeved onesies and you can be sure your baby is cozy and warm. Consider this set if you always struggle fitting your chubby one into footed pajamas. They are cute and practical for babies.


  • Come in 3 pairs
  • Super affordable
  • Footed


  • Aren’t pajamas per say

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How To Choose the Best Pajamas for Chunky Babies

The first thing to consider is the fit of the brand you are buying. Most brands run small for pajamas, so you need to know the fit of the pajamas. Consider pajamas that run big so that they fit your baby well.

Second go for pajamas made from breathable material such as cotton and as its also soft. Avoid materials that will make baby sweat and get uncomfortable. It should also be stretchy.


You shouldn’t scratch your head searching for the best pajamas for chunky babies because we have made that simple for you. Most brands make slim fitting footed pajamas which are uncomfortable for chunkier ones.

That is why we strongly recommend Leveret kids pajamas as they run big and are super stretchy and perfect for heavier babies. They have anti slip footies and are cut bigger on the legs and feet giving enough room.

For mamas who would not want to be fitting the zipper wars with footed pjs. Footie pull on pants are a great option to pair with long sleeved onesies as they keep the baby warm and cozy. This 3 pack by spalink is super cute, affordable and practical.

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