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Halo Bassinest Baby Rolling? Is it Safe?

Is your baby rolling in halo bassinest? Are you wondering whether it is still safe for your baby to sleep in the halo bassinest if they are rolling. The simple answer is no, parents should discontinue using the halo bassinest when the baby shows signs of pushing up, sitting up unassisted or rolling over as stated on the Halo bassinest official website. This is because they could topple and fall over the bassinest.

However, its important to different between rolling and teetering to the side which is one of the reasons babies roll to the side of the halo bassinest. Rolling in this case to mean moving from back to tummy position and vice versa which happens when baby is around 4-6 months.

On the other hand teetering or side laying happens when a baby is kicking or flailing their legs or hands with momentum enough to get them to laying on their side, which starts early when baby is about 4 -7 weeks.

You should not be worried in such a case because the halo bassinest walls have breathable fabric and your baby will be okay. Moreover the bassinest is still safe for use if they are teetering, you should only transition to a crib once they start rolling.

Nonetheless, if you are worried about them rolling to the side of the halo bassinest because of the large space inside. You can purchase a Halo Bassinest Newborn Insert which will keep them snug and comfortable inside the bassinest. In this article we will discuss other reasons why baby could roll over in the bassinest and limitations to which it is safe for use.

Is the Halo Bassinest Safe if Baby is Rolling? 

If the baby is rolling the halo bassinest is not safe for your baby. However, there are other limitations to the bassinest as discussed below.

Age and Weight Limits

 The manufacturers recommend using the bassinest for babies up to 5 months old and not exceeding 20lbs with a maximum weight limit of 30lbs. Meaning exceeding the limits stated will be a safety risk for the baby to use the bassinest. 

In addition, you should discontinue using it once the baby can pull up, roll over, push up or sit up unassisted.

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Halo Bassinest Not Level

The halo bassinest not being level is another point of concern especially for the new Halo Bassinest design. This is because it has a slight tilt which prevents the bassinest from being level.

The company admits the difference in the design but notes that this design is well within the accepted standards. However, on whether the design is safe and comfortable is the issue.Because the slight tilt of the Halo Bassinest means the baby could roll over to the side of the bassinest and get into a compromising position for their comfort.

Bassinest Design & safety

Notably, the Halo Bassinest design features a wide and sturdy four point base that provides stability.However, despite being spacious and sturdy once the baby starts rolling over and becomes heavier, the bassinest will no longer be able to accommodate their weight. 

The sidewalls are also made of a breathable mesh fabric which means if baby teeters and lays on the side or have their face smashed on the side of the bassinest they won’t be at a suffocation risk.

They are also high with a front height of 10.5″ when upright, a retracted front height of 5.5″ and a back height of 12.5″. Which means its generally safe when baby lays on the side and won’t fall over.

Warning against Preventing Rolling Over in halo bassinest 

It is important to warn parents against using addition items in the halo bassinest to prevent them from rolling over. The only recommended product the manufacturers recommend is the Halo bassinet newborn insert or the  more popular Mysnuggly newborn bassinet insert for Halo bassinest.

While we may think that pillows, comforters or additional mattresses for padding will prevent rolling, they pose a safety hazards. An additional mattress, for instance, may elevate the child. The danger lies when the infant slides to the foot of the bassinest destabilising the base.

More importantly the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends keeping any soft objects out of the baby’s bassinest to reduce the risk of suffocation and strangulation.

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Transitioning out of the Halo Bassinest

Mamas need to be keen on baby growth to identify when they have outgrown the bassinest to prevent the hazards. An obvious sign is when the baby gets heavier and longer that they no longer fit into the bassinest as they once did. 

Is your baby’s weight 20lbs and above, have they begun constantly moving in their sleep while changing positions? Well, this tells you that they have outgrown the bassinest and it is time to make that transition to either the crib or a pack n play.

This depends on your personal preference however,we recommend transitioning into a crib. Pack and play’s are more affordable and versatile than the crib, however, the child will outgrow Pack n Play much faster than they will outgrow the crib. 

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The halo bassinest is not safe to use if baby is rolling because they roll over past the security wall in the bassinest, and fall down. However, because of the halo bassinest not being level, the baby could roll over to the side in which case they will be safe as the walls are made of breathable fabric.

In other cases the baby could teeter to the side if they kick or flail their legs with enough momentum to land them to the side of the bassinest. In which case the bassinest is still safe for use.

However, if you are worried about your baby rolling over the bassinest, you can get the Mysnuggly newborn insert to keep them snuggly fit in the bassinest. However, you should not use pillows or blankets to keep them from rolling around the bassinest as it posses a suffocation and strangulation risk.

FAQs on Halo Bassinest Baby Rolling

Does the Halo bassinest move?

Yes, the different versions of the Halo Bassinest can move. However, the swivelling ability of the Halo Bassinest depends on the version. The Halo Glide Sleeper version does not swivel in and out and only stays in one position. 

However, the Swivel Sleeper Essentia and Premiere versions swivel and turn 360 degrees, making them easily movable. You do not have to worry about pushing the bassinest away when you want to get out of bed or pushing it back whenever you get back to bed.

Can a baby suffocate on the side of the bassinest?

No, a baby cannot suffocate on the side of the bassinest. The Hallo Bassinest sides are breathable since they are made up of mesh. 

How do I stop my baby from wiggling to the side of the bassinest?

You can stop the baby from wiggling to the side of the Halo Bassinest by ensuring that the bassinest is level. This provides a firm and well-fitting surface for the baby to sleep on. The HALO website indicates that the bassinest can slightly tilt upon swivelling, although this is acceptable. 

You can also choose to use the Mysnuggly bassinest newborn insert which will put the baby in a snug and comfortable position inside the bassinest.

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