what to wear under snoo sack

What To Wear Under Snoo Sack

 A SNOO sack is the designated sleeping wear for babies using the SNOO bassinet. However, many new parents cannot figure out the right way to dress the baby for sleep before placing them in the SNOO sack. So, what to wear under the SNOO sack?

The baby will be warm and comfortable wearing the SNOO sack alone during the summer or if the room is warm enough. But, if the room temperature is not correct or it is winter, and even you are struggling with cold, dress the baby in warm onesies before swaddling them in the SNOO sack.

If the baby is warm enough and comfortable in the sack, the soothing motions of the SNOO bassinet will put them to sleep.

What To Wear Under SNOO Sack Summer

SNOO sacks are made from pure cotton breathable, soft, and cozy fabrics. Therefore, your baby will be comfortable in the sack with a diaper only during the hot months. But, if you feel the need for an extra layer, let it be a light wrap or an open foot light onesie. 

What To Wear Under SNOO Sack Winter

Keeping the baby warm during the cold months is essential, and the breathable SNOO sack cannot offer that. Therefore, layer your baby with a warm onesie or warm pajamas before placing them in the SNOO sack. Also, be careful not to overdress the baby during the winter. Consider the room temperature, the TOG of the SNOO sack, and the clothes underneath to ensure that your baby is comfortable.

Factors To Consider When Dressing Baby Under The SNOO Sack

The goal is not to ensure that the baby is not too warm or cold at night. Some signs that your baby is too warm include agitated body movements, crying, red ears, and sweating. 

On the other hand, a cold baby will cry a lot during the cold season; their body will be cold or develop a blue tinge on the lips. If the baby is exposed to extreme coldness, they will develop a condition called hypothermia, characterized by shivering, dilated pupils, and slow breathing. 

To help you dress your baby appropriately, here are factors to consider:

Room Temperature

You should always be guided by the demands of the weather and the room temperature when dressing the baby. 

If the room temperature is more than 75 Degrees Fahrenheit, it is warm enough for the baby to sleep in a short-sleeved onesie under the SNOO sack.

If the temperatures are at 65 degrees Fahrenheit and below, you will need to dress the baby with warm onesies or pajamas before wrapping them with the SNOO sack. 

The recommended sleep temperature for babies ranges between 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, layer them up or dress them lightly, depending on your room temperature.

SNOO Sack Material

SNOO sack is made from 100% organic cotton to enhance breathability. While the breathable cotton material ensures that the baby does not heat up during the night, it is not the best choice for very cold nights. However, this should not prevent you from buying a SNOO bassinet because simple layering with a light onesie or a SNOO swaddle is enough to keep the baby warm.

Understand Your Baby

All babies are different and this is true when deciding how to dress the baby for the night. So, does your baby overheat or get cold quickly? Do they sweat a lot at night?

Take time to understand the sleeping temperature of your baby before you decide on their cloth combination. Do not dress your baby like your sister’s because your baby might be naturally warm while hers is mostly cold. 

What’s more, it is essential to understand how your baby reacts when they are too cold or too hot. Common signs that a baby is too hot include sweating, increased heartbeat, or red cheeks. On the other hand, a baby with very cold cheeks or tummy might be too cold.

Remember that it is safer for the baby to be cool than hot when sleeping. 

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SNOO Sleep Sack TOG

TOG is the abbreviation for Thermal Overall Grade. And it measures insulation or warmth provided by a fabric. 

The TOG rating of a fabric is determined by the type of material and its thickness. It is unfortunate that many people do not know about the TOG rating and end up estimating the warmth of fabric by touching it, which is never accurate.

Some baby clothes feel thick but they are not warm because their fabric is cool and breathable and has low TOG. Therefore, to keep your baby warm enough, you must understand how TOG rating works.

The higher the TOG value, the warmer the cloth. Therefore, you need clothes with a high TOG rating during the cold season. 

If you did not know about the TOG rating, now you know and ensure to check the TOG ratings on baby sleeping clothes and swaddles. This way, you will choose the right type of sleep wear and protect your baby from the risk of overheating, which can result in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Now that we understand the TOG rating, what is the right TOG rating for baby sleepwear? The right TOG rating for your baby’s sleepwear depends on the room temperature, your baby’s sleeping temperature, and the TOG of the SNOO sack. 

Remember that the colder the room, the higher the TOG rating clothes you will use and vice versa. For instance, if the room temperature is 75 degrees Fahrenheit, your baby can sleep with a 0.2-0.5 SNOO sack alone. If you must dress them with something else underneath, let it be a short sleeve onesie.

On the other hand, colder rooms measuring 64 degrees Ferdinand and below require warm pajama or long-sleeved onesies under a 2.5-3.5 SNOO sack.

With this information about TOG rating, you can now make informed decisions when purchasing baby sleepwear and deciding what they should wear under the SNOO sack.

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FAQ On What To Wear Under SNOO Sack

Does Baby Wear Pajamas In SNOO?

Your baby can wear pajamas in the SNOO. However, you will not be able to use the SNOO bassinet clip, which keeps them safe. Therefore, to keep the baby secure throughout the night, dress them in two-piece light pajamas, place them in the SNOO sack and fasten the clips to protect them rolling over.

How Do I Keep My Baby Warm At Night In SNOO?

To keep your baby warm in the SNOO, dress them appropriately in accordance with the weather and regulate the room temperatures. Appropriate dressing means layering them during the cold season and light dressing over the summer before placing them in the SNOO sack. 

For the temperature, keep it at between 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit. The SNOO will keep your baby secure throughout the night, but their comfort depends on you.

Overdressing and underdressing babies should be avoided at all costs. Overdressing causes the baby to overheat, and worse, it could result in Sudden Infant Death (SIDS). On the other hand, underdressing makes the baby cold, causing them to cry uncontrollably and, in worse conditions, leads to hypothermia.

To prevent any of these fatal situations, consider the TOG of the SNOO sack and the room’s temperature to decide how to dress the baby for sleep.

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