zipadee zip suffocation

Can Zipadee Zip Cause Suffocation?

Does the zipadee zip pose a suffocation risk to your baby? With all the complaints of the zipadee zip covering the baby’s face due to excess fabric folding over when their hands are up is definitely a point of concern.

Because a parent would sleep easy knowing they are using a safe product that does not pose any harm to their baby. Thankfully, there has not been any reported incident of suffocation concerning the zipadee zip according to the sleeping baby official site.

In this article we will discuss the breathability of the fabrics used to make the zipadee zip, why the product bunches up to cover baby’s face and possible solutions to the issue.Additionally we will share some other transitional swaddling sacks you can opt for that are more fitting with no excess fabric.

Is the zipadee zip breathable?

According to the sleeping baby official website all the fabrics used for zipadee zip are designed and tested to be safe and breathable as the baby’s safety is the number one priority. And is available in a cotton blend, fleece and polyester.

More importantly they are compliant with the consumer product safety commission regulations for baby sleepwear. In addition, multiple pediatricians, sleep consultants and nurses recommend the zipadee zip for effectiveness in providing a safe environment for sleep. 

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Can babies suffocate in zipadee zip?

It is important for any product made for infant sleep to be safe and not pose a suffocation hazard.Currently there has not been a single reported incident of suffocation pertaining to the zipadee zip. 

However, there have been many suffocation risk concerns reported by mothers who have found the zipadee zip sleeve fabric covering the baby’s nose and mouth for baby’s who love sleeping with their hands up. For others the zipper folds up and the excess fabric flaps over covering their whole face.

This occurs mostly due to two issues: their sizing which is a little off and their zipper bunching up after washing. 

  • Size discrepancies: It seems the company’s sizing is not too accurate and the company did admit to changing the sizes by 2 inches. Which means before purchasing you must double and triple check the sizing for proper fitting. Otherwise it might end up being too big or two small for your little one.

Yet the zipadee is not supposed to be loose fitting to avoid any excess fabric from bunching up to cover baby’s face or loose to snug swaddle filing to give baby a ‘womb’ feeling and sleep comfortably. 

  • Zipper bunches: Most zippers tend to bunch up after washing and if the zipadee  is not snug fitting , the excess fabric will fold over and cover the baby’s face. It is advised for you to wash inside out and tumble dry low.

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How to stop the zipadee zip from posing a suffocation risk

There are two ways you can prevent excess fabric from covering your baby’s face and posing a suffocation risk. Use a hair tie to tie down the foot ends so that it fits better and adjust accordingly as your baby grows into it.

Another is using an accessory developed to go with the zipadee zip which is a swaddle strap. You tie it around the baby’s chest over the zipadee to prevent any excess fabric from folding over and covering the baby’s face.

It should be fitting to prevent the strap from turning into a suffocation risk in case it opens up in the baby’s crib. If everything else fails then you will have to sit it out until your baby can fit in the zipadee snuggly.


It is reassuring to know there has not been a single zipadee zip suffocation incident reported. However, most moms have been struggling with the zipadee zip sizing being a little off, the zipper bunching up and excess fabric covering the baby’s face.

Which in turn poses a suffocation risk.To avoid all the worry and concerns that come with the zipadee, make sure to get the correct sizing for a proper fit. 

Alternatively you can check out other swaddling transition sleep sacks that have a snug fitting on the sleeves and torso such as the amazing transitional swaddle.

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FAQs on Zipadee Zip Suffocation

Can baby safely roll in a zipadee-zip

Your baby can safely roll in a zipadee zip as it is designed to give room for them to roll over. They can also self soothe by thumb sucking and kicking their legs.

Can I use zipadee zip for 3 months?

The zipadee zip can be used before 3 months especially for babies who do not like being swaddled. However the best time would be around when your baby starts rolling over as it will be safe for use.

When should you stop using a zipadee?

You do not have to necessarily stop using the zipadee as the company has them in sizes up to toddler sizes. Which means you can decide to switch to a sleeveless sleep sack whenever you deem your little one ready to use one.

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