zipadee zip vs merlin

Which is Better: Zipadee Zip Vs Merlin?

Zipadee zip vs merlin: which one should you choose to transition out of the swaddle?In this article we will review both the zipadee zip and merlin magic sleep suit and compare their functionality.

This will help you determine which one will work best for your baby.Because the design and stage a baby can use each of them is different. More importantly, babies are different and as a mama you are best fit to know what method to wean them off swaddling.

Zipadee Zip Review 

The zipadee zip is a swaddle transition sack with a unique starfish design with a zipper. It is easy to dress and also change the baby’s diaper.It provides the cozy feeling of the swaddle without limiting the baby’s full range of motion. 

Zipadee zip keeps baby’s arms and feet cozy plus warm while preventing scratching at the same time allowing self soothing either by thumb sucking.

It is available in different  materials such as cotton, polyester and spandex blend which is also easy to care for. And comes in cute designs and patterns for either girls, boys and some gender neutral. And available from extra small to extra large size.

Merlin Magic Sleepsuit Review

The merlin magic sleep suit is designed to give the baby a warm cozy environment that mimics swaddling. The baby will have their feet and arms out to avoid overheating or keep them cool.

It has a breathable jersey cotton inner layer , a layer of polyfil in between and an outer layer that is either microfleece or cotton. And a scooped neckline to keep the fabric off the baby’s face or scratching their neck.

It is available in different sizes small and large depending on the age and baby’s weight. And is suited for use up till when the baby starts rolling. From which you must transition out of the suit to using zipadee or a sleep sack.

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Differences between Zipadee Zip Vs Merlin Magic Sleep Suit 


The zipadee zip gives the baby the comfort and coziness of a swaddle at the same time allowing for some movement. In contrast, a merlin magic sleep suit gives the baby a cozy feeling while limiting their movement. It is not comfortable for tummy or sleeping on the side.

The zipadee zip is also lightweight and can be used all year round in most climates.For the merlin magic sleep suit some mamas have complained that it can get too hot. We recommend it for cold climates or for winter because you can risk overheating your baby.

Length of use/ Safety

Zipadee zip is safe for use even after your baby is rolling over. This is because it allows for some baby movement. In addition your baby can self soothe by using their thumb inside the zipadee zip

On the other hand, the merlin magic sleep is safe for use until your baby starts rolling over. In that case you have to transition because it limits their movement.

Design and pattern

Merlin magic sleepsuit come in plain solid colors such as baby yellow, baby blue and pink. Whereas the zipadee zip is available in cute patterns for your choosing and more inviting to the eye.


The zipadee zip is a little cheaper compared to the merlin magic sleep suit. No mama wants to spend any dollar on another baby product that their baby would not be using. You can get a better price in Facebook marketplace groups or go for hand me downs or second hand.

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Which is Better: Zipadee Zip vs Merlin

To the big question at hand, zipadee zip vs merlin, which one should you choose? If you live in a cold climate the merlin magic sleep suit will be suitable for transitioning out of swaddling. It will keep them warm and cozy to help them sleep through the night.

The drawback is that the sleepsuit can be too hot for babies for most climates. And you have to stop using it as soon as your baby starts rolling over.

On the other hand, the zipadee zip is a good transitional sleep sack which you can use all year round and can be used even after your baby has started rolling as it allows for some movement.

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